UooneeQ™ Technologies

Make modern heating wear & gears technology accessible to everyone.


Our Story

As technology changes the way we live, we are more concerned with our wellbeing, especially during the cold of winter. Founded in 2018, UooneeQ is a young and lively brand, specializing in cold weather gear. We are committed to helping people adventure outdoors in winter with comfort.



Here at UooneeQ we believe that the wearing experience is critical. We focus on every step of the process from product design, material selection, sewing, quality control, safety check, packaging, and delivery. We adopt carbon fiber/graphene heating elements to generate heat and CE-certified battery powered heating system of safe voltage which enables quick heating as well.



We strive to make UooneeQ a trust-worthy brand. Customers’ feedback is what we have been highly valuing as well. When you have any problem with our product, you can always find prompt customer service. Meanwhile, UooneeQ offer 14-day return and 30-day exchange for replacement and 2-year limited warranty (website purchase only) to get rid of your worries.


As a saying in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty goes, “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel – that is the purpose of life.” UooneeQ, a young yet fast-growing heated clothing & gear brand, sets up its mission – to help you see, feel and explore the beauty of the world at ease, even in cold winter. Just adventure the winter, enjoy the warmth!