Electric Heated Blanket (17)
UooneeQ™ Wearable Electric Heated Blanket Cape Shawl
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UooneeQ™ Wearable Electric Heated Blanket Cape Shawl




✅ Premium Heat Technology.

✅ The heating level can be adjusted by pressing the power button – Up to 140° F/ 60°C.

✅ The material is incredibly warm and you can comfortably wrap yourself.

✅ Blanket shawl two in one.

✅Warms up in less than 2 minutes.

✅ Machine Washable.

✅ Fits both Men and Women


Ideal for home or office use, you can button up the heated blanket shawl when you are at your desk reading or working, so you don’t have to use your hands to hold it like the normal heated throws.


electric blankets

3 Temperature Heat Levels


  • The electric jacket provide ample heat at the low range of 104-113°F (40℃-45℃) for 10 hrs, a Med range of 118-125°F (48-52℃) for 6 hrs, and at the high range of 127-140°F (53-60°C) for 4 hours.
  • A Wearable Heated Blanket that heats your body quickly in seconds.


8 Heating Areas Heated Shawl

  • The heating component of the heated shawl is made of imported carbon fiber which provides excellent durability and safety standards, and it has eight heated areas.
  • The electric blanket can keep your body warm and dry in chilly winter.
  • The heated blankets for women and men are made of coral fleece fabric, which is warm, comfortable and super soft.
Electric Heated Blanket (24)
Electric Heated Blanket (24)
Electric Heated Blanket (24)


  • Connect the USB port of the heated blanket to the power bank, then press and hold the switch on the chest for 3 seconds, the  heating blanket turns on the heating mode (Note: The package does not include external batteries or power bank. Please use a power bank with an output voltage of 5V).
  • USB charging, universal interface design, can be charged with any USB port, very convenient.



  • The electric heated blankets are lightweight, it is very convenient to clean and care. Remove the controller and cool it down before cleanings.
  • Tested to stay soft and comfortable after washing!
Electric Heated Blanket (24)


  • If you are busy with other things and forget to turn off the electric blanket, then its automatic shutdown function is a blessing for you. The electric blanket will automatically turn off after 1- 8 hours (depends on your setting), there is no safety hazard. Just use it with confidence!
  • The USB electric blankets are suitable for various occasions such as camping, travel, outdoor walking, office, family, etc.
  • Heated Blankets are given to your family and friends as winter ideal gifts, they will have a warm winter.
Electric Heated Blanket (24)

What's included

  1. 1 x Heated Blanket.
  2. 1 x Charging Cable

* (The package does not include power bank or external batteries).


  1. 1-Year Limited Warranty.
  2. 1-Year Extended Warranty on Heating Elements ($7.99 charge – Purchased Separately).
  3. 30-Day Refund and 60-day Exchange.

Why Choose UooneeQ™ Electric Heated Blankets?

UooneeQ™ Wearable Heated Blanket


Upgraded premium heated technology.

Heating level can be adjusted by pressing the power button – Up to 140° F/ 60°C.

The material is incredibly warm and you can comfortably wrap yourself.

Stays warm in the snow.

✅ Washable.

Other Brands


Not heated.

Poor Quality.

Does not stay warm.

Not washable.

Temperature not adjustable.

Customer Questions & Answers :

Does this heated blanket run by battery?

This electric blanket does not run by battery. It has to be plugged into an outlet.

What are they made of?

Soft coral fleece fabric.

What's the temperature range?

100-140 degrees F / 40-60℃ (±5℃).

Will these fit Men and Women?

Yes! Our Heated Blankets are Unisex.

Can I get this in stores?

No, we do not sell these in stores.